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New Tulsa Trading Program

We truly believe that investing should not be limited to the wealthy, and we have built this program for investors who may be new to forex and want to diversify their investment strategy beyond stock and etf portfolios.

As Freeman Capital continues to grow and evolve, this group will also be the first to know of our new products and have the option to participate in our customer advisory board.

Reserve your spot 

50% off Minimum Deposit

The Tulsa investment program will have a minimum deposit size of $500, 50% off our standard $1000 minimum.  This is a one time offer limited to 100 participants.
Our standard forex investment programs  starts at $1000 deposit to help conserve your investments from potentially large swings in trading.  But for a limited time, we are offering an additional forex investment program, Tulsa, which is the lowest risk program with infrequent trades and lowest maximum loss protection.


You will also have the ability to schedule office hours with our forex and wealth management professionals within during the month of March 2018 to help you get started on your wealth journey.


 Lastly, for being part of this community, you will always be the first to receive any new product announcements, including our upcoming managed IRA’s and managed cryptocurrency offering.

The Tulsa program will have a minimum deposit size of $500, 50% off our standard $1000 minimum.  This is a one time offer limited to 100 participants.

 However, you can invest any amount over $500 based on your wealth goals.

First, reserve your spot on the waiting list.  More details will come to you via email.

Yes!  You can change your investment program.  As long as you have $1000 or more you can move up to another investment program that meets your risk level.  Contact us and we will get your program updated.

Company Overview

Freeman Capital is a wealth management firm that is focused on providing diversified investments to a diverse world. We’re a company that understands that many people want to invest but sometimes don’t know how to invest. Our goal is simple: we are making it easier for everyday people to invest their hard earned money. We know the struggle of wanting to grow your wealth, but not knowing the best way to do that. That’s why we’re offering trading strategies for a fraction of the traditional cost.

Wealth management firms are not stock brokers. Our goal is to help you grow your wealth, not sell you stocks.

The great-grandparents of Calvin Williams, Jr. were individuals trying to build a better life for themselves and others through their investments. Calvin wanted to embody that mindset and nature into the company so he named it after them.

We offer individuals wealth mangement  leveraging  artificial intelligence to provide forex investment products.

Account Opening

  1. Clicking Getting Started will help you learn your investor type, i.e. i.e. Aggressive, Moderate, Conservative, etc, by taking a short survey.
  2. At the end of the survey, we recommend one of our automated trading programs that matches your investor type.
  3. Submit your application in your account, make a deposit, and then your account is open!
  4. If this deposit is over $1,000, your money is automatically placed in the next trade. If your deposit is under $1,000, you are not charged any fees while you make deposits until you reach $1,000.
  5. Every day at 5pm, you receive an email update with anything and everything that happened in your account.


The minimum to open an account and  Freeman to invest on your behalf is $1,000.00.

Account Fees

We believe in aligning our ourselves with our customers. Therefore, with our “No Fee Guarantee”, if we do not make you profits in a given month period, we do not charge you our management or performance fee. If we do make you profits, then you pay two separate fees.

The first monthly fee is only charged after profits are ~0.17% of assets under management, therefore, if you have $1,000 balance that would be $1.70 a month.

The second monthly fee is only charged after profits are 25% of new profits. For example, if we were to make you $100.00 in profits. You would keep $75 of the new profits and we keep $25.00.

The No Fee Guarantee is simply our way of ensuring that we align ourselves to your interests. We only charge fees when we make you money. If we don’t make you money, you don’t have to pay any fees at all We don’t believe it is fair to charge you money if you aren’t making money.

Account Management

You can deposit or withdraw your money at any time. You do not even have to ask for permission. All you do is login your account, go to the funding screen and request a deposit/withdraw. The money will be transferred to/from your bank account (generally) within 2-3 days. There are no contracts whatsoever keeping you locked in to our service.

Yes! You receive a statement every day, only when there is trading activity on your account.  You will also get a summary statement  at the end of the month. The statement is sent at 5pm EST and includes all trades (open/closed), profits/losses and balance.

About Forex

We invest in currencies such as the US Dollar or Japanese YEN.  Click here for a full list of all currency pairs we may invest in on your behalf.

Freeman Capital is your wealth manager, this means you give us permission to invest and trade on your behalf. is the broker who actually takes the trades and puts them in the market. They are the gateway to the currency market and execute the trades that we order in your account.

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