Black-Owned Wealth Management Platform Registers With U.S. Securities Exchange Commission (SEC)

Black-Owned Wealth Management Platform Registers With U.S. Securities Exchange Commission (SEC)

Black-Owned Wealth Management Platform Registers With U.S. Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) 2560 1707 Daryl Shaw

Black-Owned Wealth Management Platform Registers With U.S. Securities Exchange Commission (SEC)

Freeman Capital Launches Platform to Automate the Future of Fintech for Everyday People

May 15, 2019 (Charlotte, NC) – There is an emergence of everyday people, the non-uber rich, looking to build wealth for their future. Before recent years, families didn’t have these important discussions about estate dealings, philanthropy and money management. But now, average Americans are interested in simple solutions to understanding how their money works. This new, emerging market is savvy, culturally aware and ready to build wealth. Freeman Capital Advisors, the first black-owned SEC-registered automated wealth management platform in the country that provides the following services: financial planning through artificial intelligence (AI), automated investment management and online education. We welcome investing newcomers with open arms.

Traditionally, investors need at least $250,000 to gain access to certified financial advisors and high networth wealth management. This wealth disparity makes it tough for the middle class to accumulate the capital and resources necessary to take the first step. Customers can access Freeman Capital’s platform and enjoy unlimited financial planning, free investment management up to $25,000, and financial education all for starting at $10 per month. Founder, Calvin Williams Jr., envisions a solution to help overlooked investors build net worthby attracting new investors that are overlooked by traditional companies and strategies. There is already a waitlist of over 5,700 in Freeman’s pipeline from virtually every state across the country.

“At Freeman Capital, by helping people build wealth, we will make generational impacts in health, education, and quality of life,” says Calvin Williams, Jr., Freeman Capital founder. Freeman provides an online community with education and live seminar opportunities. The company is also introducing Nia, an artificial intelligence service that provides financial planning; as well as offers investment management options.

Freeman Capital is the first fintech company of its kind. Operating as a regulated company with the SEC, Freeman is committed to investing in every customers’ best interest. They registered in March and through its holding company built a social media following of over 87,000. As a customer’s profile is completed on the platform, Nia learns about the individual’s specific goals and spending habits to offer real-time guidance.

The Freeman Capital Management Holding Company and Freeman Capital Advisors team consists of 15 people, great minds in their respective fields, that hail from Atlanta; Charlotte, N.C.; New York; Los Angeles; Dallas and Washington D.C. They use technology to meet remotely and hold face to face workshops regularly.

To interview Calvin or other members of the Freeman team, contact Denada Jackson at [email protected] or 704-957-1447.

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