Freeman Capital: 60 Second Market Review

We want to put you in a place to win. Here is what you need to know to get ready for the market this week.

60 Second Market Review

What Happened?

  • Stock markets were down and businesses are navigating the new normal.
  • The government signed a massive $484 billion spending boost to help. Will it help?

What to watch for?

  • The framework to reopen the economy, can it help and how soon will it start?
  • A few months can make such a big difference in this world (both in the past and future)

What we can help you do?

  • We help you navigate these markets and help you protect and plan your money.
  • We give you financial peace and clarity in even these wild times

The Full Report

What Happened Last Week?

The U.S. stock market ended down more than 1% on the week, despite a Friday surge. Given the stay-at-home orders around the globe, company earnings from the first three months of 2020 are struggling to hit their expectations.

  • Less money being made, along with the lack of company guidance for the future, caused investors to hit the sell button.
  • Think of your local restaurant – how can they possibly say how many burgers and pastas they will sell in the next few months? That’s exactly how investors feel about the market.
  • It is hard for consumers to go on shopping sprees when they are stuck inside their homes with their families for 20-22 hours a day. Pretty easy to see why Amazon (up 30%+ this year) is doing so well.

However, the government is attempting to act swiftly to provide support, and the good news is that the market has recovered over half its losses so far in April thanks to it. The bounce has been just as shocking as the fall!

  • The House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a $484 billion spending bill to help replenish a new, but rapidly depleted, program for small businesses. Look around at the empty streets around you; small businesses are bearing the brunt of this economic collapse right now, and they need help. It can’t come fast enough.
  • The bill was signed into law on Friday, and Congress has now passed over $700 billion of spending, aimed to support businesses struggling from the pandemic. That will help soften the blow.

Source: NYT

The Labor Department reported an additional 4.4 million claims, with the 5-week total passing 26 million, so government help is needed. If you have a job right now, be thankful! And help out your community if you can. Not everyone is so lucky these days.

What to watch for next week?

We could all use a break from Coronavirus related news, but last week, the CDC outlined 3 phases on how to reopen the economy safely. That framework will likely be updated or adjusted depending on how the virus progresses. Hopefully, we can watch some live sports events at some point and can skip the Tiger King marathons. Big thank you to Swizz Beats and Timbaland, the latest #Verzuz battled has helped to get us through this time!

For the economy and markets, there will be several phases that need to pass before we get to a new normal. Investors need to step back and reflect on the unpredictability of it all.

A mere few months ago, the global economy looked unstoppable and financial markets were flying to the upside.

Today, things are immensely different. The economy is fragile, markets are volatile, and uncertainty about the future weighs on everyone.

How we can help?

At Freeman Capital, we pride ourselves in closing the wealth gap, helping to build generational wealth among individuals who need help getting there.

We partner with you so you can build your wealth and investing confidence. We are Registered Investment Advisors that work alongside Certified Financial Planners to help you plan for your future.

Reach out to us to have a conversation and see if we might be a good fit. No commitment needed. You don’t need to be rich – if you have $1, we can help you.

We are FreemanCapital and your wealth matters.

COVID-19 Financial Relief: Help for New Clients

Freeman Capital is working to close the racial wealth gap by offering free wealth building services during COVID-19

March 30, 2020 (Charlotte, NC) – Freeman‘s founder, Calvin Williams Jr., knows how people of color are overlooked in the financial services industry. “We understand that many of our own communities don’t have access [to adequate financial planning], so in times like these, it’s important for us to help each other as much as we can,” he says. “Since African Americans are already 228 years behind white Americans, we can’t afford to lose another day to the wealth gap.” That’s why he and his team of multicultural, multigenerational industry experts decided to come up with a solution.

As the first black owner of an automated wealth management platform registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Calvin and his team are focusing their efforts and resources on helping black families who are impacted by the Coronavirus. Freeman Capital is now offering free 1-1 financial planning consultations with a Certified Financial Planner, free webinars and educational content until the end of April. “Through every hard challenge is an opportunity and right now we see an opportunity for many families to sit together and have tough but necessary conversations about their finances and come up with a plan on how to build generational wealth.

Schedule your first free wealth planning session at

Statistically, those with access to a financial advisor generally have double the wealth of those without. While most advisors charge as much as $300 per hour to help, Freeman has come up with a way to make money one less thing for people to worry about. “Coronavirus is impacting not only lives, but the wealth of hard-working, everyday Americans”, he stated. “I thought to myself, there has to be a way that we can use our gift of helping people be confident with their finances to help put people at ease during this difficult time. My only choice was to make it free and available to all.

Freeman Capital Advisors is the first black-owned automated wealth management platform in the country and seeing how Coronavirus is impacting the finances of everyone — especially black Americans — as the wealth gap continues to increase was the driving factor behind making the decision to offer their services at no cost. “We must take advantage of every opportunity and help our communities make the right (and oftentimes tough) choices to build wealth” the CEO explains. “I couldn’t just sit by and continue to let black Americans fall further behind. That is why we are waiving any fees for financial planning calls for everyone across the country through the end of April 2020.”

In its commitment to helping African-Americans navigate the ongoing changes, Freeman Capital is assisting customers with coordinating their savings, handling the stock market swings and identifying opportunities to build generational wealth in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic. The best part is that Freeman can continue to serve people from anywhere in the United States, since the company operates remotely with team members stretched across from coast to coast; which helps to eliminate both cost and location as potential roadblocks to gaining the financial freedom they want and deserve.

Schedule your first free wealth planning session at

To interview Calvin or other members of the Freeman team, contact us at or 336.914.0888

Black-Owned Wealth Management Platform Registers with the SEC

Freeman Capital Launches Platform to Automate the Future of Fintech for Everyday People

May 15, 2019 (Charlotte, NC) – There is an emergence of everyday people, the non-uber rich, looking to build wealth for their future. Before recent years, families didn’t have these important discussions about estate dealings, philanthropy and money management. But now, average Americans are interested in simple solutions to understanding how their money works. This new, emerging market is savvy, culturally aware and ready to build wealth. Freeman Capital Advisors, the first black-owned SEC-registered automated wealth management platform in the country that provides the following services: financial planning through artificial intelligence (AI), automated investment management and online education. We welcome investing newcomers with open arms.

Traditionally, investors need at least $250,000 to gain access to certified financial advisors and high networth wealth management. This wealth disparity makes it tough for the middle class to accumulate the capital and resources necessary to take the first step. Customers can access Freeman Capital’s platform and enjoy unlimited financial planning, free investment management up to $25,000, and financial education all for starting at $10 per month. Founder, Calvin Williams Jr., envisions a solution to help overlooked investors build net worthby attracting new investors that are overlooked by traditional companies and strategies. There is already a waitlist of over 5,700 in Freeman’s pipeline from virtually every state across the country.

“At Freeman Capital, by helping people build wealth, we will make generational impacts in health, education, and quality of life,” says Calvin Williams, Jr., Freeman Capital founder. Freeman provides an online community with education and live seminar opportunities. The company is also introducing Nia, an artificial intelligence service that provides financial planning; as well as offers investment management options.

Freeman Capital is the first fintech company of its kind. Operating as a regulated company with the SEC, Freeman is committed to investing in every customers’ best interest. They registered in March and through its holding company built a social media following of over 87,000. As a customer’s profile is completed on the platform, Nia learns about the individual’s specific goals and spending habits to offer real-time guidance.

The Freeman Capital Management Holding Company and Freeman Capital Advisors team consists of 15 people, great minds in their respective fields, that hail from Atlanta; Charlotte, N.C.; New York; Los Angeles; Dallas and Washington D.C. They use technology to meet remotely and hold face to face workshops regularly.

To interview Calvin or other members of the Freeman team, contact Denada Jackson at or 704-957-1447.