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The Fastest Market Bear and Recovery

It only took a few months, but if you were an investor in 2020, you did it. You survived the fastest bear market in history. Hopefully, you didn’t take February and March as an indication that you should never be in stocks, and either got into the market, or stayed invested through it.

 If you did not, you might want to reach out to us to make sure you have some proper investment management in place. We can help guide you through these times and secure your financial future.

 In the numbers, it was extremely impressive and abnormal to see. The stock market crashed back in the spring, losing 35% from the highs for the fastest 30+% plunge in history. Then in a remarkable comeback, the market has rallied 55% from the March 23 lows, to end the bear market (as defined as capturing new highs).

How We Can Help

In short, at our company we profess being properly diversified, as well as staying invested long term. Don’t be a trader or a speculator and get caught making massive money mistakes like some likely did this year. Be patient, keep your eyes on your financial goals, and shut out the noise.


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Freeman Capital

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