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Financial Planning as a Service

We are the financial planning engine of the world. We make one-to-one financial planning accessible, scalable and affordable to all.

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We offer a service that

you can embed into your

product offerings.

We are focused on being a profit generator for our customers on Day 1

With our financial planning-as-a-service, you can provide the complete suite of 1-1 regulated financial planners, platform to manage wealth and provide recommendations and unlimited access WITHOUT any additional cost, regulatory burden or management.

Increase engagement and offers
Increase engagement and offers

Key Value Propositions


Increase engagement and offers to sell your products as Freeman can embed itself into the client’s websites


Provide a full service, one-on-one financial planning within your own environment with a human and automated platform that can embed into your website or platform with a javascript embedded window.


Freeman can refer end users back to your institution for product implementation, increasing the lifetime value of your users.

Additional Value

Automated recommendations, driven by behavior science improvements provided by the Commons Cents Lab® at Duke University

Recommendations focusing on closing income, wealth, savings and net worth gaps (racial, gender, and cultural)

Comprehensive financial planning actions, income increasing recommendations, and complete asset tracking (digital, physical)

List of Existing Core Platform Features

Freeman Capital manages all customer support

Freeman Capital manages all advice

Freeman Capital manages all staff and staffing

Self Managed or Hosted Billing

Automated User Onboarding

End User Financial Planning Webinars (Virtual & In Person)

End User Weekly Financial Market Summaries

Co Branded Welcome Experience

White-Label Options

Fully Embeddable Options

Monthly Reporting

Quarterly Business Reviews

Additional Custom Reporting

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Unlock your financial future and start buildingreal wealth today!

Your Users Build Wealth

In Phase 1, we focused on building a product that your users will find value in and want to use on an ongoing basis. Since most consumer-facing wealth tech platforms are engineered to solve the problems of the already “well-to-do”, we had to build an interface tailored to clients who are looking to build wealth with little to no assets.

This required creating new products like the “Wealth Summary” to help the wealth building client.

Key Value Proposition to End User


User can get a comprehensive view of their wealth interactively in the app and in their wealth summary


User can see the actions they need to take to secure, build and pass on their wealth


User can speak with a financial planner for support and for direct financial related questions or topics

List of Existing Core Platform Features

Automated onboarding

Financial dashboard

Wealth summary

Web/mobile responsive app

One-on-one calls with CFPs

Unlimited wealth actions

Unlimited chat with CFPs

Schedule calls with planners

Automated net worth tracking

Automated budgeting

Automated cash flow tracking

Automated emergency fund tracking

Debt management plans

Retirement planning analysis

Investment analysis and advice

Insurance needs analysis and advice

Estate planning analysis and advice

Multi-market asset class investment tracking

Available Marketplace Services & Referrals

All of your users needs will be serviced within our marketplace. Through our partners we will provide them the complete financial suite of products needed to build wealth. 

If you have specific relationships, products or offerings that we need to take into consideration when making recommendations, just let your Partnership Manager know.

Asset Management

Individual Stock Trading (Future)

Term Life Insurance

Whole Life Insurance

Long Term Disability Insurance (2023)

Mortgage Loans (Future)

Auto Loans (Future)

Credit Cards (Future)

Banking Products (Future)

Accounting & Tax (Future)

*We launched with Betterment as part of our beta to prove we can gather funds, which we are on the way to $10M in AUM there. We are flexible to direct funds to our client’s products if needed.

Pricing Overview

We have 2 contract options


Buy licenses and resell them to their customers, audience and/or users.


Buy licenses and provide them to their customers, audience, and/or users at no cost as part of adding value to their services.

“Thanks to Freeman Capital, we are able to provide financial planning to our community and make $10,000s providing the service.”

Tawana Rivers
Chief Operating Officer   @The 10K Project

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Unlock your financial future and start building real wealth today!