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Discover the new way to save more, pay off debt faster, and invest wisely.

What We do

All-In-One Platform

Start with a real human conversation about how we can help you build your wealth.

Next, automatically start your plan to pay off debt, invest or save, all while we stay by your side to help.

If your wealth is $1.00 or $1,000,000, it matters to you, so it matters to us. We make wealth management accessible for everyone. 

You can begin to invest with any amount, even just $1 and a few simple steps. 

  • Dedicated CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional
  • Automated investments starting at $1.00
  • Custom-tailored financial education
  • Just deposit your money and we’ll do the rest

Become Debt Free

Say hello to your debt-crushing secret weapon.

Debt reduction

Without a solid plan, paying off debt can seem impossible.

You can start your journey to become debt free today.

You can get help regardless if your debt is large, small, or somewhere in between.

Debt Reduction

Get a personalized debt pay-off plan from a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional

Got debt?
Start your own personalized
debt pay-off plan today.

Without a solid plan. paying off debt can seem impossible. The right debt pay-off plan for you. We’ll build a debt pay off plan based on your goals.

Get more than a debt calculator.

Retirement Planning

Want to retire early?

Looking for a personalized retirement plan?

We’ll meet you where you are, even if you think you’ll never be able to retire or don’t make enough to save for retirement.

You can build a retirement plan based on your goals and unique situation.

It’s never too early or too late to start saving. 

  • One-on-one calls with CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals
  • Personalized, goal-based advice 
  • Ongoing support and accountability


Become Financially Fluent

It doesn’t matter if you’re stuck in a never-ending debt cycle or if you’re already well on your way to being financially free. We can help you reach your financial goals even if you’re bad at budgeting, trying to get out of debt, or struggling to stick to a clear financial plan.  

Learn to master concepts like budgeting, tax savings, and beginner investment strategies so that you’ll always feel in control of your money.

Get Certified Help

Professionally Trusted and Recommended.

Certified Help

Freeman Capital partners with CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals to ensure you receive responsible, trustworthy, and effective advice. 

Meet one of our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals, Rick Taborda. He has helped over 100 struggling people achieve a better financial future. 

Here's why he believes in Freeman Capital:

“Most financial firms only work with those who have achieved a certain level of wealth. Freeman Capital focuses on empowering every day people by giving them the knowledge and tools they need to build and grow their wealth.”

Freeman Capital Advisors

Talk with your own CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional today.

Our Mission

De-mystify finances and make wealth management accessible for everyone regardless of race, age, gender, occupation, and income.

Your money stays secure

In today’s landscape, keeping your data protected is more important than ever. Learn more about how we protect your money. 

Our Security


Ready to build a better financial future?

It’s time to try Freeman Capital.

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Ready to build a better financial future?

Get started in less than 3 minutes

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