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Bringing Back Inflation

Don’t know who that guy is? Well, he’s kind of a big deal in the finance world – Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome (Jay) Powell. And one thing he is really trying to accomplish this year is bringing inflation back. And you should be paying attention because it does have big implications for your money.

 I know you just read that and yawned with your eyes. I get it, this stuff can be really boring. BUT IT IS IMPORTANT. This quick 10-minute video will likely help out if you’re done with my version.

 To summarize, inflation makes your money worth less over time, and the central bank is powerful enough to print TRILLIONS of dollars to make sure it happens. If you put $10,000 under your mattress in 2000, it would be worth… $10,000 today! No big deal. Until you realize that you need $15,296 to buy the same amount of stuff that $10,000 bought you back then.

How To Get Ahead Of The Game?

Step 1: SAVE. Look, it’s a really good idea to have about 6-9 months of emergency funds, that I will allow you to collect dust in the secret safe behind the family picture in the office. But you should INVEST the rest, and invest properly.

 Don’t fall trap to those traders trying to make a quick buck on the newest blockchain stock that is up a ton already, or buying those stock split companies for no other reason. Diversify properly, invest long-term, and win for you and your family. If you are committed and diligent, you’ll have a nice little nest egg in the future – one that won’t be eaten away by inflation

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