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March Towards DEbt Freedom

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Are you ready to win with money but don’t know where to begin?

There are many different ways to pay down debt, and it’s important that we educate ourselves on all our options. So, during this series of FREE Live webinars, five debt free rockstars will share their stories of how they pay down debt and how you can do the same. Learn from real life people with different situations to be motivated while finding the best debt free strategy for you!

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Those who are ready to take actionable steps today for a better tomorrow


Those who want to get better at saving money and paying down debt


Those who have the desire to learn different ways of building wealth


Those who are ready to be ambitious & thrive towards financial freedom

Speaker Lineup

Moving The Needle Through Debt

Learn how debt can limit your opportunities from creating true wealth. Alanna will go over getting in the right state of mind to pay off debt with several tips to cut your expenses and increase your income. Join Alanna as she goes over her story of paying off $63,000 of debt and still moving towards debt freedom.

How Dave Ramsey Ruined My Marriage And Saved My Life

Vee Weir, Owner and Founder of Weir Digital Marketing and Vee Frugal Fox, shares lessons learned from her experience pursuing debt freedom over the last four years. She’ll discuss the importance of having a goal, believing in yourself and the value of community as a way to persevere through life’s ups and downs. Laugh and commiserate along with Vee as she explores the successes, failures, and occasional frantic scrambling that has marked her distinctly millennial entrepreneur-styled path towards financial independence.

Here's My 2 Cents: How I Eliminated $97,000 of Debt On a Teacher's Salary

Having trouble earning that 750+ credit score? Having trouble decreasing student loan payments? Do you find yourself struggling to save money? Do you want that house or first investment? If you answered yes to any other these, this session is for you. In this session, MJ will show you how I mastered my money to become debt free so I could invest in myself.

You Don't Need a Career to Get Your Finances Together. Stop Waiting!

Elyse didn’t have a “career.” She made less than $45,000 a year both years I was paying off debt. Women, you can do this! Check her session on tips and tricks on budgeting with irregular/inconsistent income. You SHOULD start before you start your career!

Play Broke Or Stay Broke: A Guide To Debt-Freedom

Michael has paid off $61,000 of debt and is sharing the money habits that led him being 61,000 in debt and how he changed those habits to eliminate debt for good. During his session he will cover how to discover your why, practical action steps to free themselves from debt and how to setup a value-based spending plan.

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