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Stimulus Checks Update

If you received the first $1,200 in stimulus checks, you likely are going to receive another one. This time, delivery should be much quicker. It might take a few weeks to get through lawmakers’ approval, because that’s just how politics works these days. 

Don’t like how long they are taking? There’s a great way to complain at the polls in November this year… VOTE. But, let’s stay on track.

How To Get Your Stimulus Checks

If you didn’t receive the first $1,200 check but you think you should have, it might be as simple as making sure your tax filing is up to date. About 5 million are still waiting for the first payment, according to an estimate from the New America Foundation, which includes many people of colors. 

Don’t know where to start? Get in contact with us today. 

We’ll guide you through and give you some tips on how to build generational wealth in the process. The first step is to GET STARTED. The second step is to LEARN how to do it properly.

The third, and most crucial step, is to TEACH what you know to the next generations. We’re going to help with that. Click Get Started to learn more.

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Freeman Capital

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