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Provide one-on-one financial planning at scale without losing your customers.

Our partner program in a nutshell

We heard your users’ biggest problem, “what is next after education?”

We heard your biggest problem, “I’m not licensed” or “I can’t scale to provide 1-on-1 financial advice.”

This program solves both problems:

  • You bundle our monthly one-on-one financial planning services with your products and services
  • You set the prices for your customers, collect all payments and we provide the services
  • We are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and we provide the one-on-one financial advice.
  • We provide monthly one-on-one personalized financial planning services to keep them building their wealth 
Affiliate program - Freeman Capital
Affiliate program Freeman Capital

How does it work?

We are your “financial planners as a service” partner. Your users are paying you directly for everything you provide plus financial planning as a service. When you are ready, you share the user’s name, email, and phone number with us. We auto-enroll them and they sign an e-sign agreement for financial planning, we bill you and we begin helping them reach their goals. 

Do I have to get licensed or become a financial advisor?
No! We all play our part and we handle all of that.

The Process to Get Started


After a one-on-one call to answer any questions, we form an agreement to become a partner. We add you to our back-office partner tools and conduct an onboarding call to prepare you for the next steps.


Every launch is specific to you and your community. We will help you determine your price points for our services, provide you with approved marketing information and confirm your user's journey and experience


We help you prepare for your launch by working with you to create webpages, emails and press releases to announce your new service and capabilities.


We keep you informed throughout the process. We provide you metrics of the success of your users, provide on-going partner support and continue to work together to make this partnership strong.

Partner Program Benefits

Partner Benefits

  • Maintain customer relationships while providing more services
  • Keep customers satisfied for longer and increase your revenue
  • Set your own prices for the packages
  • We cover the compliance and advisor license needs
  • Increase profitability for each customer
  • On going partner support via Freeman slack channel

User Benefits

  • Receive 1-1 financial planning at scale
  • Talk to a Certified Financial Planner for low monthly rate
  • Receive holistic financial advice and recommendations
  • 83% of our active users increased their net worth in their first year
  • 64% maintain a budget and 70% maintain a debt pay off plan
  • 29% of users have 3 months of savings

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