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Jacob Blake Shooting

Seven bullets.

That’s how many were put into Jacob Blake’s back as he got into his vehicle, walking away from cops, in front of his children. The shooting has left him likely paralyzed from the waist down.

I’d ask why this is happening, and how it can keep happening, but the reality is, we figured last time wasn’t the last time until systemic change occurs.

The response did come. Our brothers from major sporting events, led by the NBA & WNBA, staged a walkout on playoffs to bring more attention to the issue. Then came the MLB, the MLS, the NFL, and the NHL.

Others are calling for economic boycotts and only supporting black owned institutions or companies that have come out in support of reform. You have more power with your dollars than you think. We as a community have more power together.

How Will This Lead To Real Change

It starts with the election in 2020. As teams were debating whether or not to continue to play the rest of the playoffs, they agreed to resume the season with NBA and NBPA announced a new three-point social justice plan, which includes converting NBA arenas into voting centers for the 2020 election.

This is a start. Let’s not let this moment go to waste. And this is all happening on the anniversary of MLK’s DC march, and the iconic “I have a dream” speech.

We’ll touch on this in the coming weeks as well, but make sure you take the time to register to vote, and vote when the time comes. If you need to vote by mail, do it as soon as possible.


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