Sponsor Memberships & Close The Racial Wealth Gap

Directly Help Close the Racial Wealth Gap

Sponsor memberships to help hundreds of families build their wealth and improve our world.

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Sponsor Memberships

Sponsorships in a nutshell

Together, we can provide the 3 things people need to build wealth:

  • Access
  • Tools
  • Education

Per Forbes, those with a financial plan have double the wealth of those without a plan. We make financial planning scalable through our wealth management as a subscription service.

Your sponsorship of memberships helps to further remove the barrier of access. You are literally jump-starting the wealth building process. 

The problems we will solve together

  1. The racial wealth gap was projected to take over 228 years to close.
  2. In late 2017, another study projected the median net worth of black and brown people would reach $0.00 by 2073
  3. The income percentage growth of people of color is outpacing the nation but not translating into equal net worth growth.
  4. The average American can’t afford $150-$350/hour for financial advice and wealth management.

How we solve those problems

We make wealth-building accessible to all via our platform. One-on-one financial planning, education, investment management, and insurance, are available for the price of Netflix. We offer month-to-month contracts, no cancellation fees, all packaged with wealth-building recommendations for the first-time and first-generation investor.

83% of our active users experience positive net worth growth.

Your sponsorship enables us to directly help more families close the wealth gap.

Affiliate program Freeman Capital

The Process to Sponsor Memberships


After your sponsorship, we send the sponsorship agreement and schedule your 1:1 call to discuss your sponsor benefits.


Freeman Capital will identify the group(s) of users you are sponsoring, plan the communication strategy and user on-boarding process.


Freeman Capital will begin to serve and help the users with their financial needs to help them grow their wealth.


Freeman Capital keep you informed throughout the process. We provide the success metrics of your sponsored users.

Sponsorship Program Benefits

Sponsor Benefits

  • Featured mentions to over 100,000 Freeman Capital community
  • Public release of sponsors commitment to close the wealth gap
  • Direct marketing opportunities to sponsored users
  • Custom sponsor packages and benefits available
  • Sponsorship reporting and success metrics

Sponsored User Benefits

  • 83% of users experience a positive net worth increase
  • 70% of users maintain a debt pay off plan and 64% maintain a budget
  • 74% of users build and have an investment portfolio
  • Average retirement plan user has 70% probability to reach their goals
  • 29% of users have 3 months of savings vs. 70% of US pop. w/o savings
Users are defined as active users

Sponsorship Opportunities

Users Sponsored Sponsorship Length Sponsor Amount Payment Method
500 Users 3 Months $25,000

Freeman Capital

Sponsor 500 Users for 3 Months

100 Users 6 Months $10,000

Freeman Capital

Sponsor 100 Users for 6 Months

100 Users 3 Months $5,000

Freeman Capital

Sponsor 100 Users for 3 Months

20 Users 3 Months $1,000

Freeman Capital

Sponsor 20 Users for 3 Months

10 Users 3 Months $500

Freeman Capital

Sponsor 10 Users for 3 Months

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