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Federal Loans Suspended

As for our regularly scheduled programming, we were going to give it a skip this week. But something came across our desk this week that is very important, and could help you with your cash flow, so we elected to include it.

Have student debt? You may qualify to get some payments deferred. Federal student loan payments are now officially suspended until 2021, with 0% interest, no collections, and nonpayments count toward forgiveness.

Talk to us to find out if your loans qualify.

More specifically, from March 13, 2020, through Dec. 31, 2020, the interest rate is 0% on the following types of federal student loans, but only if they are loans owned by ED:


  • Defaulted and non defaulted Direct Loans
  • Defaulted and non defaulted FFEL Program loans
  • Defaulted and non defaulted Federal Perkins Loans
  • Defaulted HEAL loans
Take advantage of this if you have it, it’s free, and is all part of building and securing your financial future.
This could be a great way to increase your emergency fund, pay off debt, or invest.
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