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Innovate Capital Law

Innovate Capital founders, Benji Jones and Jim Verdonik, are experienced advisors in several billion dollars of public and private capital-raising, M&A, and technology license transactions for a wide range of clients from start-ups to public companies to venture capital funds. ICL’s toolbox includes Crowdfunding, Revenue Sharing and FinTech with Coin, Tokens and other Digital Assets and Blockchain smart contracts, in addition to traditional venture capital, angel investments, and private placements.

Together, they have written eight books and hundreds of newspaper articles and have spoken at more than 100 conferences and seminars about business, technology and legal issues related to capital raising. Innovate Capital offers value added corporate and transactional services to entrepreneurs and their investors with a range of flexible fee structures (including deferred fees, task-based billing, flat fees and annual subscription services) to fit the individual needs of each client.

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