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Universities Are Reopening At Full Price

Across the US, students at universities are demanding lower tuition. And for good reason – they likely won’t be able to attend all of their classes in person. A survey by OneClass.com even showed that 93% of students felt tuition should be reduced if classes are held online. 

We were interviewed by The Denver Channel on our input, and I am encouraging students to look at some community colleges, as it can add up to some major savings. In times like these, we should all look closely at what we are paying and see if there are ways to use a substitute to help us achieve the same goal at a lower price. College is a big deal, I love my HBCU (Aggie Pride!) but what I love more is helping you all reach your dreams through your finances. 

If you can go through a slightly different journey to put yourself ahead, why not? This mentality is demonstrated in this cost of college article but it can apply to anything.


Transfer The Credits, Not The Cost

I was quoted as saying “Going down the community college-first route, for at least a COVID time like this, it will allow you to save money on tuition on room and board, and you will have a lot of flexibility in a year or two when you transfer to a four-year, carry those credits but carry less debt.”

What I mean by that is if your target 4 year school is remote anyways, why not look for a cheaper equivalent. Then you don’t spend thousands going to college across the country or overseas, maybe you can get some part time work to get some much-needed work experience, and you can even take this time to educate yourself on how to save properly. The key thing is making sure that your target 4 year college will take the credits from your local 2 year institution. 

COVID is going to present a massive challenge for those coming out of college, so you might as well take a step back, and make sure your finances are in place, and maybe take some transferable cheaper courses first. It will set you up long-term, and not have you hamstrung by debt. Plus, maybe it will give you time to figure out yourself, before making a financial commitment you can’t get out of.

Industries Have Cost Pressure Too

Industries from college, to casinos, auto parts & equipment, physical stores are all severely impacted and going to look for ways to justify their cost and perhaps discount. It is really easy to buy on amazon but the local sporting good store may have big discounts since foot traffic is down. Taking a few minutes to think creatively can save you significant money both now and in the future.

Are you, or someone in your family, looking for this type of advice? We want to help you, reach out to us.


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