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Who knew investing could be simple?

Our process works for everyone, even if you’ve never invested before.

Plan the life you want.

Investing gives you the potential to grow your money even faster than in a high-interest savings account. With the ingenuity of our investment technology and the intelligence of our Certified Financial Planners™, we make it possible for you to put your “dream life” goals into action. 

Go for it. Take those dreams off the shelf. We’ll help you plan the life you want. 

Say goodbye to investment fears.

61% of adults find investing scary

It can be overwhelming to make decisions about how much to invest by yourself. Taxes, retirement, mortgages, vacations, and loan repayments are just some of life’s expenses you have to keep in mind.

Other companies rely completely on robots to manage your investments, but it’s not enough to just set aside some money in an account and hope the investment robots do their job.

Let our Certified Financial Planners be your guide. They’ll provide you with clarity, actionable advice, and make sure your investments are properly aligned with your financial goals.

Fear-free investing.

If you want, keep your old investment company.

We promise we won’t be jealous!

Unlike other apps that only work with their own investments, we can help you even if you want to keep your current investments somewhere else. You can still meet with your Certified Financial Planner™, grow your money with our investment services, increase your financial knowledge, and reap all of the benefits Freeman Capital has to offer.

In fact, a Certified Financial Planner™ can help you analyze all of your current investments and help you decide which ones will help you reach your goals faster.

Start with the amount that right for you.

Top companies (AMAZON, Appple, Google) cost $100s or $1000s of dollars for one share. That alone is a tactic to stop people liek us investing. We challenge that with our fractional shares. Now get started with virtually any dollar amount so you are comfortable with your investment no matter the price.

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