Investing involves substantial risk. Always consider a financial professional when investing. Past performance is not indicative of future returns. Forex trading involves significant risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors.

Experience an alternative way to invest

Uncorrelated with US market, Forex Trading can help you truly diversify your investment strategy

True diversification means investing beyond the same cut and paste stock, bond and ETF portfolios.  Freeman Capital’s  automated platform offers new and emerging investors the same wealth-building opportunities as the uber-wealthy.  Through our actively managed forex trading programs, we aim to beat US stock market returns so you can invest like the wealthy do.

Our approach is to operate in your best interest, as we built this product with you in mind. Just like you, we are thinking about your long term financial goals.


Our fully transparent trading practices allow you to invest with confidence. We remain regulated with the NFTA and CFTC allowing us to trade in the customers best interest.


Our automated trading strategies monitored by skilled human traders, capitalizes on opportunities in the foreign exchange market, actively seeking the best moment to trade.

Loss Protection

The conservative to moderately aggressive programs are guarded with loss protection, minimizing large and unlimited loss of your investment.

No Fee Guarantee

If you don’t make a profit at the end of each month, then you don’t pay any performance fees to Freeman Capital. Not even a single cent. It’s only fair, right?

Our Investment Programs

Our automated technologies and skilled traders actively scan the globe for the best forex trading opportunities. Wealth management firms with similar forex programs intentionally have high minimums starting at  $100,000 or more, excluding a vast group investors.  At Freeman Capital, get started for a fraction, at $1000.

Ultra Conservative
3% Max loss per month
$500 minimum deposit
This program strategy focuses on welcoming new investors who have less than $1,000 to invest and most concerned with risk of loss. Trades are small and infrequent. Only 100 participants will be accepted.
4% Max loss per month
$1,000 minimum deposit
Investors in this conservative program are most concerned with risk of loss.
Moderately Conservative
7% Max loss per month
$1,000 minimum deposit
Investors in this program are most concerned with risk of loss but want some potential for gain.
9% Max loss per month
$1,000 minimum deposit
This program is for designed for investors who can balance the risk of loss with the potential for gain.
Moderately Aggressive
16% Max loss per month
$1,000 minimum deposit
Investors in this program seek higher returns as a primary objective, and understand the potential for higher risk of loss.
Greenwood 2.0
Unlimited loss per month
$5,000 minimum deposit
The most aggressive program is designed for the investor with speculation, who want the highest chance of returns, and understands the potential for unlimited loss.

Getting Started is Simple...



What are some of your wealth building objectives?  Whether saving for a retirement, a house or even accumulating legacy wealth, think about how your starting investment can help you reach your goals. 



Determine your minimum investment to reach your goal, and even invest monthly.  Don’t worry, you can take out your money at any time you’d like with no fees.



We built this with you in mind. Everything is automated – from rebalancing to reinvestment, and even tax efficiency – so you can stay on track.



Have questions? No worries here.  We offer free on-demand help to answer your questions.  Call, text or email us at any time!