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Young Professional

Meet Sarah


Loving Life & On Top at Work

$75k to $150k+

Before Freeman Capital
  • Thinking about my next move and if I should do more for my retirement.
  • Tired of these student loans! I would love to buy my first house.
  • Family, friends and her dog are so important to me.
  • I just want a clear path to build wealth.
After Freeman Capital
  • Finally! I can see all of my financial life (checking, investments, etc) in one place.
  • Budgets aren't scary at all. I even found hundreds of dollars in extra cash flow!
  • I no longer worry about my finances. I have a clear path for my savings, vacations and my downpayment!
  • I am finally getting every dollar from my job for my retirement and on a great path forward.


Meet Caleb and Madison


Beautiful Love & Two Incomes


Before Freeman Capital
  • Madison and I are doing "alright" financially and we have good benefits at work.
  • We are having more conversations about what is next and how to pay for it.
  • Retirement is far but important. We have 401(k)s but unsure if we could do more.
  • Our finances are not really "organized". Honestly, we just do the best we can.
After Freeman Capital
  • Wow! Feels so peaceful to be able to see and understand everything in one place
  • I'm taking full advantage of my job's matching 401(k) and paying less in taxes.
  • Our investments are on auto-pilot and we can see where we are headed.
  • Honestly, we just feel closer. We are building toward a vision together.

Family with Goals

Meet Justin, Shelia and Jordan

Married with Kid(s)

Still Dreaming for More


Before Freeman Capital
  • Money has become a hard conversation and I am still trying to grow my business.
  • We are making good money but we have a lot to balance and figure out.
  • We are concerned about our family, we don't want to make any mistakes.
  • After working, time together and kids, just don't have time to plan financially.
After Freeman Capital
  • It feels so good to be on the same page with our vision and our plan
  • We found so much waste in our budget and repurposed money to our goals.
  • We consolidated our debts, refinanced our mortgage and set up estate plans.
  • Our monthly calls keep our plans up to date and we know our path.


Meet Isaiah


Life is Good & My Wealth Matters


Before Freeman Capital
  • My life is full - work, family, and friends. I have a great business idea!
  • I'm so tired of my Sallie Mae payments. I have to put my money to work.
  • I am thankful to be where I am but I know I have to help my family as well.
  • One day, I want my own family but I feel like I need to make more money first.
After Freeman Capital
  • I have a plan, re-organized my spending and I have enough to start my business.
  • I realized that paying off debt is an investment! Sallie Mae is on her way out.
  • My emergency fund has enough for me and to help my family when needed.
  • I set up my IRA, insurance and automated investing. Money on autopilot.
*All case studies are hypothetical and used as an example of how we can you in various stages of life.

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